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I am in the process of re-organizing all of my teacher resources for the calculus, statistics, and introduction to software/hardware classes I have taught over the years (and others). Each of these links point to a directory with resources I have developed over the years and will continue to update as I move forward. I post these here to share with fellow educators who may use these under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Calculus Resources [First Draft Complete, More Forthcoming]

Statistics Resources [Being Developed]

Introduction to Software & Hardware Resources [Being Developed]

Algebra Resources [Forthcoming]

Pre-Calculus Resources [Forthcoming]

Again, I am re-organizing, so I won’t build Rome in a day, and I will populate and activate these slowly as I continue teaching. This will help a lot with keeping my work organized, etc. Where appropriate and legal, I will also populate these shared directories with student artifacts and examples that stem from use of the resources.

Update: 05-30-22 (Initial Building)
Update: xx-xx-xx ….

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