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Today, I am sharing a pedagogical strategy I use to learn mathematics with students. The learning technique is called Inquirer Presenter Scribe. The video presentation attached in this post is both an overview to the routine, and includes a small, scaled down, model implementation of the technique with volunteer students/colleagues. This technique was developed on an presented many years prior (2013), and this particular post contains resources on how to adapt this technique to remote synchronous instruction as opposed to physically in-person instruction.


Short: A math pedagogical technique to introduce, explore, and solve problems that leverages seminar and tutorial.

Long: Inquirer Presenter Scribe is a learning technique developed by Jonathan Haack that leverages seminar, dialogue, and tutorial to understand mathematical concepts. Jonathan has found that the process builds off individual student strengths, elevates the culture of learning in the class, and helps students understand mathematics and standards more fully.

Here are the resources:

In short, this technique is a way of structuring students between group, plenary work, independent practice, peer practice, etc., and all of those with and without teacher assistance. At the end, the technique concludes with a capstone student presentation from each group and whole seminar discussion on the collective learning topic/objective.


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