Pokémon Club

I happen to love Pokémon GO and I play competitive PvP (formerly rank #454 in the world on SIlph end of season 2). I love the game, love the math of the game, and I also love the creativity of the pocket monsters and the fantasy world. The game reminds me of the fantasy novels as I read as a youngster, but/and it provides an interactive way to play in these imaginary worlds.

I know there are some students here who also share a love or interest in Pokémon, whether the main series and/or GO. If you share that interest, please reach out to me asap so I can add you to the club roster. I plan to have this club meet every other day and rotate with the hacking club meetings I also coordinate.

Just for background, I compete under the trainer name zioncmnd. Also, I run a competitive international PvP discord server called Flash for Everyone. I created this server during COVID with another trainer from Belgium named kevkillerke (formerly rank #14 in the world on Silph end of season 2). In addition to teaching students about the fundamentals of how PvP works, we will also discuss the game in general, the joys of catching and RAIDing, and also of the main series and/or other related games.

Schedule of Events

  • Tuesday, Thursdays – Last period of day.

In addition to the weekly meetings at the end of school, I am also willing to set up students with a PvP mentor. While creating the Flash community I mentioned above, I met many very experienced trainers (many students still just like you) who love to give back and mentor those new to the game. If you are interested in getting a PvP mentor, let me know asap!