Intuitive Approach to the Chain Rule

While in a class for my Masters degree taught by Gwen Perea-Warniment, we were instructed to make one page mash-ups / overviews of content relevant the courses we were teaching. It was both about making the content accessible, and also about how to effectively make instructional one-pagers. In the attached Science Learner, readers will notice that I made a small comment under Essential Mechanics about what the chain rule is, in simple language. Dr. Perea-Warniment had taken Calculus both at the high school and college levels and yet was struck by how helpful the definition I provided was. I was humbled by her comment so I decided to blog about it and share the Science Learner and the original chain rule description, along with a longer piece on how to view the chain rule intuitively that I wrote around the same time and had leveraged for the description later used in the learner.

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